House sold with assistance from Candise which was greatly appreciated.

I perceived Candise to be hard working and knowledgeable. She did what she needed to do to bring the sale to fruition and navigated through several trying situations. Her efforts are greatly appreciated.

This said at times I believe she could have been more of an advocate for the seller. For example it is my opinion that the buyer had several legitimate repair request and several petty ones. I believe that I should have been encouraged to reject the petty ones. Additionally I believe that the $7000 escalator clause should have been used in my counter offer; that is my counter offer should have been the buyers offer plus $7000. Another issue worth mentioning is that of escrow. The definition of escrow given to me made the concept of escrow irrelevant. As defined to me the buyer could get his/her escrow back for almost any reason. If that is the case there is now reason to post escrow and the amount posted does not matter. To be fair as the seller I should have been stronger in my advocacy of the points. However I would not have been reluctant to accept a little more support on these points.

Candise thank for your hard and conscientious work. It was appreciated.

Verified by RateMyAgent – April 7, 2022